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드림시어터~another Day(언플러그드).m 4.301.08.07 04:31:09Dream TheaterAnother Day.mp30:04:30128S44
DT_Wait_For_Sleep_acoustic.mp3 2.402.05.16 21:34:26Dream TheaterWait For Sleep2000Acoustic Dreams0:02:32128S44
Dream_Theater_-_Stream_of_Conciousne16.203.11.13 07:31:43Dream TheaterStream Of Consciousness2003Train Of Thought
JohnMyung-freeport_jam.mp3 2.802.03.07 18:25:31Dream TheaterFreeport Jam0:02:58128S44
Dream Theatre - Flight Of The Bumble 18:09:01Dream TheaterFlight Of The Bumble Bee0:01:03128S44
D1 - 05 - Lifting Shadows Off A Drea12.302.12.16 17:10:05Dream TheaterLifting Shadows Off A Dream2002Understand Our FearsD10:06:25256S44
07 - Erotomania , Paradigm Shift.mp3 12:43:31Dream TheaterErotomania , Paradigm Shift2000Scenes From Madrid 2This mp3 is downloaded from tomm
10.mp3 3.601.06.15 11:03:44Dream TheaterOne Last Time1999Scenes From A Memory0:03:46128S44
D3 - 03 - Hollow Years.mp310.302.12.16 21:23:41Dream TheaterHollow Years2002Understand Our FearsD30:14:20 96S44
1-05 - The Mirror.mp313.403.01.07 23:22:59Dream TheaterTrack 52000Glasgow Scotland 10-18-00Of Pigs And Chicks
06 - Peruvian Skies , Dr. Evil Theme11.703.03.08 12:27:26Dream TheaterPeruvian Skies , Dr. Evil Them2000Scenes From Madrid 2This mp3 is downloaded from tomm
Sigma 5 - The Mirror (Dream Theater) 7.903.10.14 20:13:280:08:14128S44
04 - Heaven & Hell.mp3 2.303.03.08 05:14:53Dream TheaterHeaven & Hell2000Scenes From Madrid 2This mp3 is downloaded from tomm
01 - A Change Of Seasons.mp3 5.502.11.08 14:40:40Dream TheaterA Change Of SeasonsBergum, Netherlands 6/27/980:05:46128S44
Dream_Theater-Tears_(live).mp3 3.898.08.23 15:36:31Tears( Live )Dream Theater0:04:03128M44
D1 - 02 - Strange Deja Vu.mp3 7.402.12.16 16:18:21Dream TheaterStrange Deja Vu2002Understand Our FearsD1
03 - Strange Deja Vu.mp3 7.503.03.08 00:44:41Dream TheaterStrange Deja Vu2000Scenes From Madrid 1This mp3 is downloaded from tomm
10 - Metropolis Part 1.mp3 15:38:58Dream TheaterMetropolis Part 1Bergum, Netherlands 6/27/980:06:19128S44
Hells Kitchen.mp3 18:12:53Dream TheaterHells Kitchen1997Falling Into Infinity0:01:15128S44
08 - When Images And Words Unite-Med28.703.03.08 13:37:32Dream TheaterWhen Images And Words Unite-Me2000Scenes From Madrid 2This mp3 is downloaded from tomm
07WAITFO.MP3 2.402.06.13 17:48:17Dream TheaterWait For Sleep1992Images And Words0:02:31128S44
Demodt.mp311.301.11.30 06:22:18Dream Theater - Ryan Park DemoLearning To Live0:11:50128S44
DT_Amazing_Grace_John_Petrucci.mp3 04:08:08Dream_TheaterGuitar_solo_(w/_Amazing_Grace)Live_at_HOB_Orlando_3-3-00_Disc_070:04:14160S44
06. Surrounded.mp3 8.903.02.13 21:41:18Dream TheaterSurrounded2002Licthenfels 020624
02.mp3 3.301.06.15 11:03:14Dream TheaterOverture 19281999Scenes From A Memory0:03:31128S44
D2 - 06 - The Test That Stumped Them 19:08:30Dream TheaterThe Test That Stumped Them All2002Understand Our FearsD2
09 - Pull Me Under.mp3 15:33:02Dream TheaterPull Me UnderBergum, Netherlands 6/27/980:07:32128S44
DT_Wait_For_Sleep_acoustic.mp3 2.402.05.16 21:34:26Dream TheaterWait For Sleep2000Acoustic Dreams0:02:32128S44
02-Overture_1928.mp3 3.402.03.15 15:08:21Dream TheaterOverture 19281999Scenes From A Memory0:03:37128S44
Dream_Theater_-_This_Dying_Soul.mp316.503.11.13 07:34:32Dream TheaterThis Dying Soul2003Train Of Thought
08 - Peruvian Skies.mp3 7.602.11.08 15:25:55Dream TheaterPeruvian SkiesBergum, Netherlands 6/27/980:08:00128S44
07. The Great Debate.mp319.603.02.12 05:26:59Dream TheaterThe Great Debate2002Licthenfels 020624
05.mp3 6.501.06.15 11:03:21Dream TheaterFatal Tragedy1999Scenes From A Memory0:06:48128S44
05 - Killers.mp3 05:19:16Dream TheaterKillers2000Scenes From Madrid 2This mp3 is downloaded from tomm
Dream Theater - Lifting Shadows Off 5.801.12.09 02:18:04Dream TheaterLifting Shadows Off A DreamAwake0:06:05128S44
03 - Finally Free.mp322.003.03.08 05:09:43Dream TheaterFinally Free2000Scenes From Madrid 2This mp3 is downloaded from tomm
Dt_surrounded(2).mp3 1.399.09.21 22:26:28Dream TheaterSurrounded (2)Images And Words0:01:23128S44
03 - Just Let Me Breathe.mp3 5.702.11.08 14:47:42Dream TheaterJust Let Me BreatheBergum, Netherlands 6/27/980:05:56128S44
D2 - 03 - Overture.mp3 9.802.12.16 18:45:35Dream TheaterOverture2002Understand Our FearsD20:27:15 48S32
11 - Learning To Live.mp3 15:46:26Dream TheaterLearning To LiveBergum, Netherlands 6/27/980:07:20128S44
Pull Me Under (Dream Theater).mp3 7.700.09.29 15:42:33(Dream Theater)Pull Me UnderNouveau Titre (5)0:08:04128S44
YtseJam.mp3 18:21:40Dream TheaterYtseJam1989When Dream And Day Unite0:01:07128S44
D3 - 02 - Home.mp319.302.12.16 21:01:53Dream TheaterHome2002Understand Our FearsD3
Dream_Theater(Liquid_Tension_Experim 7.901.05.31 20:58:26Liquid Tension ExperimentAcid RainLiquid Tension Experiment 20:06:36160S44
01. Overture.mp3 9.603.02.12 13:01:29Dream TheaterOverture2002CD 2
Dt_pull_me_under(2).mp3 0.999.09.21 22:27:28Dream TheaterPull Me Under (2)Images And Words0:00:56128S44
Dream Theater - Erotomania.mp3 6.401.12.09 01:59:36Dream TheaterErotomaniaAwake0:06:44128S44
Dream Theater - Take The Time.mp3 04:46:57Dream TheaterTake The TimeImages & Words0:08:21128S44
Dream_Theater-As_I_Am.mp3 15:07:06Dream TheaterDream Theater - As I AmTrain Of Thought0:07:16 96S44
04.mp3 11:03:17Dream TheaterThrough My Words1999Scenes From A Memory0:01:02128S44

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